Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[TIPS] Where to get Cosplay Costumes?

So you wanna cosplay, but dunno where to get the costume?
Prefer local tailor?

So I am preparing a list of local tailors in KK that can make cosplay costumes...
I have yet to receive information about other tailors, but I will surely post it up once I got them. Right now I have one tailor that I trust can make a cosplay costume that you will be satisfied with.

Shop name: Top Beauty Centre
Address: 1st Floor, Kompleks Asia City (KAC), Behind/beside Hikosen Cara.

A very highly recommended tailor from me. Alvin, the tailor is a very nice and friendly person. You can bring your own fabric and materials and let him sew the costumes for you, and you can also ask him to help you buy the fabric! He does let you choose what type of fabric you want, and gives you a sample of the fabric before making a final decision on buying the right material for your costume.

I would also like to add that although he is not a cosplayer or had any experience in cosplay (Well that is before we start ordering costumes from him), he is a perfectionist. If he thinks he is unable to make the costume you want, he will reject your request. Once he accepts your request, he will do his best to make it perfect. Of course, not 100% perfect and look-alike with the anime/games/etc.

His previous works:

All 3 maid costumes

School Rumble School Uniform

Road Camelot from D-Gray Man

Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid2

Yumiko Readman from Read or Die


Do visit his shop if you are finding a cosplay costume tailor - And don't forget to bring a few reference pictures of the costume you wanna make to let him see!



Alison said...

do u think u could provide me his contact number. cuz i may need alvin's help on some bunny costumes for an event, thx :P

英俊善良可爱的刘骏豪 said...

Hwo yea! This is perfect! Thanks 2 u, my kawan haha!~~

Lil' Sue said...

Hi..any costume for rental??

Cosplay said...

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Hatsune Sai said...

Yeat... Whatta Good Opinion... Thanks... Me At Sabah...

Hatsune Sai said...

I Need A Hatsune Miku's Costume... I'm A Man,So It Will Be A Pants Not Skirp.... Yay.... d(^o^)b

Hatsune Sai said...

Woops... Wrong Text... Pants Not Skirt...

Eka Fyqa said...

hey, can i get his phone number please.... i've been searching for it the whole day but yet i still can't find it... is his shop inside star city ?

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