Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cosplay Theory of Evolution

Hey guys, since I just got Otacool2 which is about Worldwide Cosplays, I thought I should share some of these nice articles with everyone =)
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Cosplay Theory of Evolution

The forever challenging cosplayers have transcended the "Kaso(masquerade)" x "Kasou(virtual)" world

Tatsumi Inui of "Cure" - World's largest cosplay site talks about the evolution of the globally growing cosplay.

Cosplay in Japan

What kind of keywords come up to your mind when you hear the word 'Cosplay', 'Akihabara', 'Maid', 'Nurse'? In the cosplay industry this type of costume is called 'Uni-Cos' (short for uniform cosplay) and since it is not cosplay of a particular character, we use the term to clarify the difference between the two. When we cosplay characters from anime, manga, and video games, we call it 'Chara-Cos' and it has become a world wide trend evolving the cosplay culture.

People who love the work admire the characters and wishes to become one with them by wearing the same costumes and make ups. This idea of wanting to become one with the character seems to be a unique Japanese philosophy, whereas people outside Japan seem to focus on enjoying the costumes and world view of the character. In Japan it tends to be more about how far one can 'get into' the character. Not just costumes, they also seek for the perfect wigs, color contact lenses, weapons, facial expressions, poses and try to become as close as the character as possible.

The world that we live in, is 3 dimensional, however since we try to become close to the 2 dimensional world characters, cosplay world is sometimes called, "The 2.5 dimensional world".

Cosplay Around The World

We hear a lot of people oversea say "We like Japanese animation culture". When we hear these feelings for Japanese animation and manga, we really feel a connection over borders and give us courage.

The cosplay by those people differ depending on each country. For example, in the U.S, they can dress up in their costumes at home, ride their car to the convention center or do a cosplay shooting at a grand view location, and people won't look at them differently.

Also, many people walk around events communicating with each other. In Japan cosplayers can pay attention to details, however they have restriction with size of the costume. But at oversea events, there seem to be more freedom about size and prominent costumes really catch your eyes.

How to enjoy cosplay

First of all, you don't have to think too much. Many people say, "Everyone's an otaku, right?" but that's not true. Many people have regular jobs, and they just enjoy cosplay cons over the weekend to have fun.

We also hear the question, "How do you have fun when you cosplay?" Many people say, the best part is shooting photos. Taking photos of yourself in a totally different look,or finding a character that you like and asking them if you can take photos with them. Since you can identify the love of the same work as the cosplay character, it's easy to make friends as well.

Furthermore, if you make many cosplay friends you can rent a studio as a group and have fun taking photos. Unlike conventions, cosplayers can take high quality photos in a controlled environment where they can pay attention details to create high level works.

Another activity that is getting popular now is getting location permissions to shoot in an outdoor environment. Cosplayers enjoy, finding a location close to the world that the character exist in and take photos there.

In addition there are many conventions specializing in cosplay. In 2009, Cure hosted a successful convention called "Cure Cosplay Festival '09" that featured a huge photo session show.

Cosplay Industry

Originally cosplay was more of a personal hobby where fans created costumes by themselves to wear at 'Doujinshi Event'. However, recently companies and organization have developed all sorts of business surrounding cosplay. Especially for the cosplay costumes, it is said that the market is over several billion yen (several hundred million US$). The reason behind the development shows the presence of cosplayer demand. You can imagine how many users are out there in the current cosplay industry.

How to become a cosplayer

You do not need any license to become a cosplayer. But I'm sure there are information that is hard to find like, where to buy things, and which cons to attend. As a start, we recommend registering to "Cure" a community website dedicated to cosplay. All the needed information is linked so that even beginners can have fun comfortably.


Of course... This is KKCC Blog and I would suggest newbies to register in our forum ClickStartPlay (lol)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Events updates

Greetings, cosplayers and ACG fans! ^_^
Sorry for the lack of update, how is everyone doing?
Have you done any new cosplays recently?
Are you preparing any new costumes for any upcoming events or personal photoshoots?

Have you heard about the movie screening of Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance at Cathay Cineplex KK that will be showing next month? If not, you should start booking your tickets now! Do join the Facebook page and just PM and of the admins if you have any inquiries or just leave a comment here in this blog =)


There's going to be an ACG event called KYAN!ME happening in Kuching, Sarawak on 11th June - 13th June 2010, anyone's going? =)

Their FB page here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=245128269019&index=1