Monday, September 26, 2011

UMS Japanese Cultural Night & Bon Odori 2011: Registration

Great news to fellow cosplayers and fans of Japanese culture!
This year there will be another Japanese Cultural Night & Bon Odori event going to be held at UMS on 15th October 2011!
As usual KKCC is invited again, for cosplayers & performers who are interested in participating this great event.

Cosplayers & performers who register under KKCC before 4th October will get free admission to the event!

Interested participants may send in your details as below:

Series: (Title of anime/game/manga/etc)
(For performers)
Song title:
Performance type: Sing/Dance/Others

Send in your details to our email:
We will send you a confirmation email upon registering.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Event Report: OtaFuse (Otaku Fusion)

Otaku Fusion a.k.a OtaFuse is a new ACG event in KK focusing on Japanese ACG culture.
On 3rd-4th September 2011 marks the day of their debut event at the atrium of Star City North, which was previously known as Asia City Complex.

Here's some photos of the event:

There were more cosplayers but didn't get to take photo of all of them,
it's to be expected as the cosplay community in KK had grown since the past 5 years :) Let's hope for more great ACG event in KK to come!